A Bucket List of Crazy

I recently discovered bucketlist.net and have been compiling a list of everything I hope to do in my lifetime. Some of my goals require planning, like finally finishing my novel, seeing Britney Spears perform in Las Vegas, and building our dream home. Others are easier to obtain, like flying a kite with my Sexy Nerd. I'd like you-know-who to write his own list.

Bucketlist.net is great because it lets you see what other users have written, which can be a great source of inspiration, as well as amusement.

Amusement, I say? Here are some of the, errr..."unique" bucket list goals I've come across:

1. Wrestle a bear.
2. Beat a woman in an argument.
3. Prove everyone they were wrong about me.
(Let's hope they weren't doubting the bucket lister's grasp on English.)
4. Get suspended.
5. Flash my boobs on the Jerry Springer show.
6. See the State of Liberty.
(The what?)
7. Stop procrastining.
(Brought to you by the lister of #6, some would argue that taking the time to type a bucket list online is a form of procrastination.)
8. Get a big tattoo on my face.
9. Steal a Stop sign.
(Please don't!)
10. Steal a garden gnome, take it traveling, then return it with pictures of it in iconic tourist places.

Okay, that last one actually sounds pretty awesome.

What's on your bucket list?
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