(Another) Crazy Purchase of the Day

The custom mountain home we're building has gotten a little out of hand. Why build a regular garage when you can have an RV garage? Why put in a bathtub when you can have a jetted pool? More windows, more skylights, more wood, and more custom millwork? Sure. Why not?

I'll tell you why not. Because our budget is in shambles! Currently, the plan for our kitchen is that the white cabinets are going to be twelve feet tall. TWELVE!

(And I don't care what else we have to cut out, Sexy Nerd. I will stack my cabinets to the sky.)

One of our "must haves" that seems a little silly is a sauna. And not just any sauna, of course, but the biggest sauna, like the ones you find in a spa or corporate health club. It's not like we can invite people over to our home and tell them "we have a sauna, but there's no room for you", right? So, we designed our floor plan to include the Almost Heaven Bridgeport 6-Person Indoor Steam Sauna. Costco was selling it for a budget-friendly price. Then, disaster struck.

We revisited our sauna link to double check the electrical requirements. Costco had no idea what we were talking about. Here we were, at the final stage of the design process, ready to break ground, and the item we'd designed an entire room around had disappeared!

Well, there's good and bad news.

The good? The GREAT! It turns out the reason our sauna link no longer worked was that Costco had moved it to their clearance section - and taken almost $1,000 off the price! Were we dancing around our home like crazy idiots after discovering this? Of course.

The bad? Not wanting to risk missing out again, we ordered it. We actually got the last one! However, it won't fit in our garage. It's also too heavy to bring upstairs. It may be (almost certainly would be) stolen from the back patio. So, for the next 8 months or so, this is going to be boxed up in our living room, sans sexy towel model:

And, no, we can't use it in our current house because we don't have the 220V connection needed. Considering the screaming deal we received, I don't think it's going to be so bad. Check with me again in a few months though.

Crazy Purchase of the Day

The title implies that crazy purchases are going to become a regular feature here on my blog. Yes, that sounds about right.

I might buy something crazy today. I have nowhere to put it and I'm skeptical that it even works and Sexy Nerd thinks I've lost my mind (even more so than before) but I must have it.

Remember my red light therapy post? I think it's time to purchase my very own red light therapy bed. I can leave the door locked or unlocked and it won't make a difference because I'll be safely within my very own home.

(Kidding, of course. I always have our door locked.)

It's My Birthday...

...and I'll skip blogging if I want to.

Birthday freebies, here I come!

Stay tuned - there's a rafflecopter Amerisleep giveaway coming later this week. (After I've gotten all this birthday partying out of my system, of course.)

Dutch Baby Recipe Fail

For Easter breakfast, I thought I'd be a sweetheart and surprise Sexy Nerd with one of his favorite breakfasts, a Dutch Baby. The recipe is foolproof - or so I thought!

Strawberries were recently on sale for $0.88/lb and I had overly stocked up, (I may have a problem) (yes, I certainly have a problem) leaving us with a fridge full of mushy red fuzzies. Why is it that strawberries are Sexy Nerd's favorite fruit only until I purchase 10 pounds? Then, he turns his nose up at them. They're moldy, he complains. You're going to kill us both, he whines. Bah!

Just cut the furry parts off, Sexy Nerd!

I decided a pink Dutch Baby would be the epitome of Easter goodness and threw a handful of strawberries into the blender. I photographed the resulting batter, certain I was in the midst of a new winning recipe for my blog, the strawberry Dutch Baby.

See all the air bubbles? They're a surefire sign that we were in for a delicious Dutch Baby.

I baked it for 10 minutes on the lowest rack, then moved it to the center of the oven for another 10.

Then, I bumped up the cooking time by another 10 minutes.

And another.

And another.

No psychedelic Dutch Baby poofing. Not even any lousy browning!

An hour later, I gave up and served Sexy Nerd this:
(I wouldn't eat it)

It was all squishy and congealed, like a strawberry-scented omelet.

Guess what?

Sexy Nerd won't touch strawberries, but this he devoured.

It looks like Purina!

Moral of the story? Top your Dutch Baby with fruit, but never ever blend it into the batter. Sexy Nerd will eat moldy food if I disguise it.
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