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Homes I Can't Afford: San Jose Edition

I've been browsing again, this time in my hometown of San Jose, CA. Sure, I could check listings in my price range. In San Jose though, my budget doesn't get me very far - I'd be one of those folks you see on the news, happy to have found a garage to rent!

Besides, it's fun to dream. Come join me on a virtual home shopping extravaganza.

First, we'll visit 15826 Rica Vista Way, which could be yours for a mere $2,699,000. By San Jose standards, I think it's a real steal!

I can't figure out what's going on with these lights. Modern Christmas tree?

No judgement but in case you were wondering, yes, that is a cheap Ikea paper chandelier inside a multi-million dollar home.

Next, it's off to 4602 Hill Top View Ln, which is a bit more budget-friendly than the last home. It's only $2,595,000.

If you're willing to invest a little more into your budget (and, because this is all make believe, you really may as well), there's a great house at 2068 Biarritz Pl for $5,950,000.

It's like the realtor photoshopped the home into a beloved painting...but it's real!

Next on today's itinerary is 20750 Lost Ranch Rd. It could be yours for $5,899,000. Not to influence your decision, but it's my favorite.

(Sexy Nerd, BTW, just rolled his eyes and said "Of course the most expensive one is your favorite." He knows me so well.)

What a perfect paint color for a bedroom.

Alright. It's been a long day of house hunting, but do you think you can make it to one more? It's worth it. 1501 University Ave could be yours for only $4,799,000. C'mon, you can afford it. Just skip buying coffee twice a week and you'll be part of the way there. Like, 1/100th of a percent of the way there. It's a start!

A purple bedroom! I've always wanted a purple bedroom, remember?

Too tired to climb upstairs after all this house hunting? No problem. Just take THE ELEVATOR.

Suddenly, my own home seems plain and tiny. Less to clean, I suppose.

Though, the people who buy these luxurious homes will surely have a housekeeper, possibly even an entire housekeeping crew, butler included.

Nothing like salting the wound, eh?

If money were no object, which of these houses would you most like to call home?

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