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Construction Update: 6 Week Deadline

Our house needs to be finished by July 1st...and we don't even have our flooring, stucco, roof, or cabinets installed! In fact, I don't think anyone from Panorama Homes has even been to our house this entire week. The deadline is quickly approaching and our house is just sitting there, empty and forgotten. I email the builder and the foreman for an update and am ignored. I ask our builder in person what the plan is for next week and am told, "I don't know".

We're screwed, aren't we?

"Screwed and tattooed," my boss says. It's not the sort of language one expects to hear from a little old lady, and especially not from a children's dentist, so it sticks with me. Screwed and tattooed, I think, staring at the unfinished, well, everything. Screwed and tattooed.

On the plus side, the work that has been completed looks great. The interior walls have all been painted (Sherwin Williams Polite White), the tongue and groove ceiling is up, and Strahle Tile has begun work on our fireplace.

We're in love with our tongue and groove ceiling. It was installed rough-side down and stained Sherwin Williams Hawthorne. Sexy Nerd and I actually left the house with sore necks after seeing it the first time, as we spent a good hour or so gazing up at it.

My photos here don't do it justice. After seeing these, I ordered a new lens for my camera. It will be here next week.

I'm so happy that we mixed the moss rock and the red brick. I'm so unhappy that the fireplace has been sitting like this for more than a week. Can they seriously not finish that last little section? Where is everyone??

I sure hope I chose the right grout color. If I remember correctly, it's going to be beige. I needed something that would go well with the stone and the brick.

Our tile expert helped me pick the color, which was reassuring until I visited his website. His photo gallery certainly features some ugly work. It's probably just the result of poor design choices by the homeowners...not at all like the situation I'm in now...

You'd never believe how much this fireplace cost. I know the price and I still don't believe it.
Please, please, please don't be ugly after you're grouted! 

Here's the rest of the stone, right next to the fireplace and just begging to be installed.

This stone is not fulfilling its life purpose and that makes me sad. 

In the kitchen, this wall is crying out for cabinets and appliances. We were told our cabinetmaker needed 3 weeks before he could begin installation. That was more than 6 weeks ago. 

Also, you may recall that the upper portion shown here used to be drywalled and painted. It is our builder's strategy to do everything 5 times before doing it correctly, hence the drywall has been removed.


On a more cheerful note, look at my beautiful room!

Even the nest, which I'd thought was a disaster, looks good with the tongue and groove installed.

I'm trying to stay positive. I have another dozen photos detailing all the things wrong with the construction process (have I mentioned our house is currently surrounded by a wall of mud?) but let's end on a happy note and save those for another time. You know, lest I throw my computer against a wall.

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