Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Thanksgiving and Christmas

My sexy nerd is here from Michigan and even though he's leaving again, he'll be back in 3 weeks to stay forever!

We had a nifty Thanksgiving. First, we ate lunch with Sexy Nerd's family and later we ate dinner with my family, (much later, after taking my nerd's "shortcut" through Cibola forest!) Our families certainly have different expectations for Thanksgiving. At nerdy's house, everyone wore jeans and we ate off of paper plates and sat around watching football and falling asleep. It was casual and fun! At my house, there was hot coffee and apple cider waiting for us. The house was decorated for company, even though it was just us, and we watched Finding Nemo and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on ABC.

Yesterday, sexy nerd and I went shopping, determined to scoop up all the fabulous Black Friday deals. I bought a portable DVD player for our big trip around Christmas. I'm going to fly to Michigan and drive back with nerdy. We'll stop in Denver and at his parent's house in Buena Vista, then return to ABQ, then drive to my grandparents house in Tucson, then drive to Las Vegas, then return to ABQ over 3,000 miles later in time for me to never miss a day of work. Lol, nerdy says that I'm completely nuts for planning our trip this way, but I bet we'll have fun! We went to Gardunos with Sexy Nerd's family and later ordered pizza from Dions. It's certainly no Pizza Hut!

Right now, nerdy is outside hanging oodles of Christmas lights around our house, (oodles? Yes, oodles!) I just baked some cookies and made apple cider and we have a cozy fire burning because my sexy nerd builds the best fires. Our puppy loooooves the fire, but she gets scared whenever the wood crackles.

I guess that's about it for now. I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!! I LOVE MY SEXY NERD!!!!!!
Lol, he's going to read this and say "aaaaaaw!" and buy me more Christmas presents!
(just kidding...kinda)


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