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Love Thy Neighbor

A certain woman in my neighborhood, (who will probably read this so I won't be too specific...) IS COMPLETELY INSANE! She was complaining that there are elm tree suckers in my yard, (which I guess are baby trees...?) She was afraid that the saplings were going to spread and that we would have a neighborhood elm tree infestation to deal with, so she came over to pull them out. I couldn't help wondering what she was actually going to do, since there were no suckers in my yard. What did she do? She cut down my rosebushes and stuffed them into my dumpster right after trash day, (umm...I was kinda planning on using my dumpster throughout the week, but whatever!)

*Update on 1/11/11: We moved years ago, so let's go ahead and just call this looney neighbor Paula!

This was not the only time that my odd neighbor used my dumpster. Sexy Nerd took our trash to the curb a few weeks ago and ran into our new neighbors from across the street, who were also bringing their dumpster to the curb, along with several other bags from unpacking. The weird neighbor Paula came running out of her house to insist that the trash collectors wouldn't pick up anything that wasn't in a dumpster, but that the new neighbors could put their extra trash in OUR dumpster because ours always has room.


Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

There are a few other strange things in our neighborhood. We are in a timing war with the crazy neighbor over whose Christmas lights turn on first. Also, when Sexy Nerd was on our roof putting up our Christmas lights, he discovered that the little old lady next door, who walks down the street every day with a golf club, just in case, has an anti-Bush banner on her roof.

You know...for all the people who will see it from above her house. If Air Force One ever flies over her house within reading distance, all her hard work will be justified!