A Day In Albuquerque


And on a completely different subject:

Today was a fun day! I went to work until 12 and then Paris & I went to Bennigan's, where we each had a tasty salad & a billini, (however that drink is spelled!) I even had a coupon!

Next, we went to see Wild Hogs at the $1 Theater. It was great, especially the parts with Martin Lawrence and the sexy nerd of the movie, (I didn't think he was that sexy of a nerd, but Paris seemed to like him).
When I got home, I had an email from the Isleta Fun Connection with info on our wedding reception, (only about $600 an hour to reserve the entire building - not too shabby!) I also found a nice looking place for our honeymoon. The owner of the property sounds really nice so far :)

Best of all, Derek & I went for a walk, (it's almost impossible to get him to go on a walk!) We made it all the way to Burger King, where we each had a Whopper Jr. Then we went across the street to the new ice cream store. I told the manager that I work for Dr Shaw and that we would like to give coupons for free ice cream to our patients and they are going to hook us up :) (do people still use that expression? Oh well!) On our way back home, we went through a beautiful neighborhood with a huge, green park and fancy, unique houses, (like the house made of copper!)

Tomorrow, our plan is to go to Old Town. Maybe the entire weekend will be fun.