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Blog Hop! Link Up with LambAround

It's the weekend! It's the weekend!

Sexy Nerd and I have had quite the week. We found a great new place for happy hour that's within walking distance of our house. A beer each, 2 tacos each, 3 sopapillas, (which Google keeps trying to "correct" to Sarsaparillas) and unlimited chips and salsa was only $10. Not bad! We also looked into selling our future home site to buy a lot on the golf course. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

(Truthfully, the decision has already been made to keep our current lot. It seems much more dramatic the other way though!)

There's a great new feature for the Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop. By hovering your mouse over your favorite pins, you can easily post them to Pinterest. Neat, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wisdom Teeth & UPS

I can't sleep! True, it is only 9:36 pm, but I want to go to sleep now!

I called my dentist today to set up an appointment for a filling and they said - lucky me - they can get me in first thing in the morning. Lol, at work I tell paranoid parents every day that getting a filling is absolutely no big deal, but I don't want one! I was kinda hoping they would get me in sometime next year. Better to get it taken care of, I guess. The cavity is on a wisdom tooth, which I have decided to keep instead of having pulled. If I end up having a filling AND later having it extracted, I'm going to be a bit annoyed. I hope my dentist doesn't do a half-assed job on the filling. He thinks I should just have my wisdom teeth extracted.
I started reading a new book called Something Borrowed, which is about a girl who sleeps with her pregnant best friend's fiance. It had good reviews, but so far it is just boring, (not boring enough to put me to sleep though! Rats!) At least the Shopa…

Not "Baaad" Sundays Blog Hop

Better late than never, right?
I'm feeling much better. I think my bummed-out mood was mostly caused by a weird health thing that happened last week (not that turning 30 wasn't kind of a bummer too though, but it's nothing a little cake and birthday freebies can't fix!)

Peeps Cuteness - A Healthy Nest Cookies Recipe

Did SNL ever make an Easter version of that Christmas song? You know, like "I don't care what your mama says, Easter is full of chee-er". Or something like that.

I'm rambling because it snowed last night and is still snowing this morning. Even though it's my day off. Apparently, the weather doesn't care that I purchased the Bossypants audio book and have been planning for 2 weeks to listen to it while walking today.

I suppose technically there's no reason to cancel my walk and stay in my pajamas all day just because of a little snow...

It's probably icy though. Better not chance it.

On to the Easter goodness!

"Peep! Peep!" What You'll Need
(makes 10 super-cute Peeps nests)
7oz melted chocolate chips (approximately 1 1/4 cups)5oz Fiber One bran cereal (or similar)(Chinese Noodles should work just fine as well)10 Peeps chicks20-30 Jelly Beans Not a photo of worms in a bowl, I promise!

Combine the melted chocolate chips and the cereal. To melt…