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Mix & Match Casserole

Sexy Nerd loves this and wants me to make it everyday. I think it's okay, though I do love that it's quick and easy. Let me know what you think of it. No, there are no measurements for the ingredients - just throw in what you think will taste good!
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. All of the ingredients, like the pasta and the beef, should be cooked and ready to eat before they go into the pan. The baking part, (approximately 10 minutes,) is really just to melt the cheese. Layer the following, in order, starting at the bottom of the greased pan:

1. Mix of different pastas, (I use whole wheat macaroni + whole wheat bowtie)
2. Ground beef seasoned with meatloaf seasoning
3. Cheddar cheese
4. Mix of vegetables, (I use dices carrots, peas, and shredded potatoes)
5. More pasta
6. Can of diced tomatoes, undrained, (preferably the italian seasoned ones)
7. Mozzerella cheese
8. Bread crumbs