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Road Trip Day 1: Albuquerque to Nellie's Cafe, Las Cruces

After downing a couple cups of coffee, we started our day nice and early (8 am). I packed us some healthy snacks, including peanut butter and honey sandwiches, which don't need any refrigeration. For those of you wondering about the can of soup, it is an ideal hotel room food. Just serve it in the coffee cups.

Our first stop. We lasted about an hour on the road. Damn you, coffee.

In about 3 1/2 hours, we arrived in Las Cruces.

For lunch, we went to Nellie's Cafe, Las Cruces which I'd read about on TripAdvisor.

It looked like a decent place, but getting a table was confusing. First, we waited at the front door, hoping a server would seat us. After a few minutes, a waitress told us we need to put our name on the list around the corner. 

We searched for a while and finally found the list posted in the doorway of the dishwashing area. After adding our name, we went outside to wait. There were plenty of empty tables inside. Ten minutes later, a man propped the door open and yelled that they were ready for another group of diners.

Inside, we waited a long time for menus. About a minute after receiving them, a waitress asked if we were ready. She seemed irritated when I said that I needed another minute and left without another word. 

The menu was confusing! Under "Chimichangas" they listed "Chile Rellenos". Under "Enchiladas" they listed "Chile Rellenos". Under "Burritos" they listed "Chile Rellenos". In Albuquerque, a chili relleno is it's own type of food, not a variety of burrito. To make things all the more confusing, their menu also listed "Chile Rellenos" as a type of food to order. I ended up just ordering a combination plate.

Here is a Sexy Nerd who has waited too long for his lunch.

Despite the poor first impression, the food was very tasty! This may look like a lot of food for just the two of us, but I took this photo too soon. They hadn't brought my taco yet, (which was crispy around the edges with a filling so greasy that is was soft in the middle - delicious)

As for whether or not I would recommend Nellie's Cafe, I would have to say that it depends. If you are shy like me, there's no way that the food is worth the awkward search for a table. Otherwise, it's great.

Also, be sure to bring cash! Nellie's doesn't take credit cards. Come to think of it, they don't give receipts either. Hmmm...I wonder if they pay their taxes.

Nellie's Cafe, Las Cruces
Next, we went to our hotel. Usually, I book whatever hotel is cheapest. Sexy Nerd approved of the Drury Inn.

Even the bathroom was nice.

Our itinerary showed that we we supossed to go to the following places: Old Mesilla Village, the Picacho Street shops, Andele Restaurant for dinner, and the Museum of Natural History, which is inside the Mesilla Valley Mall. Instead, we took a stroll over to McDonalds.

Officially commited to being lazy, we hit the hotel happy hour.

Note the Las Cruces Guide. We figure we'll be prepared for the next time we're there, minus the laziness.

Overall, it was a very nice first day of our trip. Until...

We were woken up at almost 11pm by the room next door. Some brat was running around, screaming hysterically. She would throw open the sliding glass balcony door and jump around outside, then run through the room again. 

This is the part where I should be writing that one of her parents told her to settle down - people are trying to sleep! But that wasn't the way it happened. Instead, we could hear the girl's mom laughing and saying "Do your indian war dance. Do your indian war dance."


Our new room was much more quiet.

Yikes. That is one grouchy, sleep-deprived Sexy Nerd! And people wonder why we don't want any kids.


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