Not Just For Clothes! How To Organize A Closet For Your Life

Want to make your closet an organizational superstar? If you've only been using it to store your clothes, it is underutilized.

7 Tips to Make Your Closet an Organizational Superstar

I'll start this post by admitting that I don't exactly have a tiny closet, especially now that our bedroom/bathroom renovation is nearing the end. However, I certainly don't have a ginormous closet either (it's downright tiny after I stuff all my clothes and junk in there!) and many of these tips can be applied to a small, non-walk-in closet.

I don’t go into my office every day. But what does that mean for the To-Do pile on my desk and the appointments on my calendar? Well, unless I convert to a nudist lifestyle (probably not going to happen any time in the near future), my typical day is going to include a few trips to my closet.

hang a calendar in your closet 
I don't know why I never thought to put my calendar inside my closet before! I see it before leaving the house each day, which is especially helpful if you like to check things out from the library like I do. And with my laptop on my vanity, if a due date is coming up for a book I'm still enjoying, I can renew online right when I think of it. It's so nice having everything taken care of before I even leave my closet in the morning!

Another handy tip? A mirror inside the closet, especially if you share your bathroom with someone.

hang a mirror inside the closet
Just close the closet door and you won't have to worry about anyone (ahem, Sexy Nerd...) sneaking up behind you while you're tweezing your eyebrows or examining your pores in your magnified mirror.

Geez, that isn’t the most glamorous photo, is it? I’m waiting to snazz up this area until after Sexy Nerd hangs the mirror we bought for over the vanity. You know, the one we bought last month? Hanging the mirror would have been an acceptable Valentines Day present.But I suppose that then I would have missed out on a great blog post.

expand your closet space with an over-the-door organizer
An over-the-door shoe hanger, which was $10 at Lowes, is great for more than just shoes. I keep all my cosmetics, lotions, hair accessories, and other girly things in it. Whenever we travel, I simply slip it off the door and into my suitcase, so I know I have everything I need!

upper shelves can store things you use rarely
Hangers on all sides, as well as up and down, maximize space. Lots of light comes in handy on those days when you have no idea what to wear, though I would strongly advise against installing the same antique Schonbek chandelier. I won it on eBay and had it shipped from Europe. What never crossed my mind? It requires something called a bayonet light bulb, which is impossible to find! Hence, my wired in, but not illuminated, chandelier.

7 Tips to Make Your Closet an Organizational Superstar
  1. Include racks for clothes wherever you can, including one rack over another, with shelves
  2. A vanity or desk next to a dresser provides valuable counter space
  3. Section your clothes. Long sleeves together, work pants together, etc.
  4. A clock radio will ensure you start your day with music but don't run behind schedule
  5. Include a wall calendar with a pen
  6. Don't overlook the space on the back of the door
  7. A walk-in closet is a perfect place for a magnified mirror and privacy