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The Living/Dining Room Switch Around

The first time we ever saw our house, the previous owners had the downstairs laid out so that you walked into the dining room, then went to the living room, which was across from the kitchen. At least, if you used your imagination, that's how it was laid out (the previous owners were a little odd).

When we purchased the house, we decided to flip the layout, so that the dining room was across from the kitchen and you entered into the living room. It seemed to make so much more sense! However, as our bathroom renovation is coming to an end (after over a year!), I'm beginning to wonder if the original layout might work better, albeit with a few changes. This idea all started when Sexy Nerd began fancying up our dining room (a bathroom renovation and a dining room renovation at the exact same time, you ask? Sure, why not!) We've been trying to create a classy, formal dining room feel. However, since you can see into the living room and the kitchen while at the table, it never feels very formal to me.

The Current Layout (click for larger)

Proposed Layout (click for larger)

Okay, maybe those aren't exactly the most helpful drawings! Basically, the changes that would me made, other than moving around furniture and light fixtures, would be to build two walls in the upper left corner of what is currently the living room, essentially creating a little, formal living room, perfect for 2, 3, or 4 people (5 would probably be 1 too many!) to sit and talk, with snacks and tea. When you walked in the front door, there would be a large window on your left, providing a peek into this cute new room.

The space that is currently the living room would become a formal dining room. The new formal living room would be at the back of the dining room with french doors and possibly more windows. The living room would move to what is our current dining room. Benefits of the new living room location include being able to watch TV from the kitchen and lots of other things (benefits that I haven't exactly thought of words for yet. They exist, though!) Inside the little, new living room, there could be curtains, so that you could block all the windows if you wanted more privacy. This room would also make a neat office.

Ignore the fact that I almost never have company over and I've certainly never had anyone over for "snacks and tea". Maybe I would if I had an adorable formal living room to do it in. Ooh, I could call it "The Tea Room"!