Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day...Err, Night

*Quick Update*
I just noticed that I have 99 Followers! Ooooh, it's so close to 100 that I can't stand it! Come on, bloggy buddies! You know you want to follow LambAround! Give into the urge!

Okay, on to the real post:

Last night, Sexy Nerd was feeling a little bit "lovey". He had candles lit and wine and suggested that I put on a sexy outfit. I changed into something skimpy, somewhat covered by an equally skimpy, see-through robe. Being Mr. Smooth Talker, he came up to me and said in his sexiest voice, "Oooh, you're wearing layers. I'll have to take them off. You're like an onion."


How does the commercial go? Rich, but not smooth.
Shame he isn't rich either.

*Update: Sexy Nerd just read this post and pointed out that he had not lit any candles. Take the hint, Sexy Nerd!!!

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