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Will Sexy Nerd and Lamb Be Cruising Soon?

I'm crushed to report back that, no, Sexy Nerd and I will not be going on a cruise. Nothing about this trip lined up. First, my mean boss said she wouldn't give me any time off. She changed her mind by the end of the day, but by then it was too late. Someone else had scooped up my fabulous cruise deal. We liked the itinerary so much though that we decided to pay a little (lot!) extra to book a cabin with a balcony. Things were turning around. Then, Sexy Nerd went to book our tickets (free because of all the traveling he does for work) but the dates/cities we need are blacked out! To top all this off, our house-sitter is going to be out of town for half the time we were planning to be gone. Aargh!
April Fools!

What I would have posted, had this post been any other day, is that yes, we will be cruising! Cruiseaholics have to cruise! Our ship sets sail in less than a month and there's so much to do! We'll be visiting 9 cities (!) and I need to plan out what to do in each. I need to stockpile magazines for the flights, buy Red Vines, and find my Dramamine!

From our honeymoon cruise scrapbook


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