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Ever Have One Of Those Days At Work? Part 2 of 2

*If you missed the previous post, please scroll down and read it 1st, so that you will fully understand what a crazy, wacky, insane, nutty, irrational, kooky, lying, psychotic bee-atch I am writing about!
The dentist ended up calling and speaking to mom. She answered every little question mom could think of. If this post were about rational people, this would be the end of my little story. After all, you wouldn't take your child back to a dentist you don't trust, right? I wouldn't even bring my dogs to a veterinarian if I wasn't 100% comfortable with them. But, as noted above, this particular post is about a *!#%^, so of course the fun kept going. Mom brought the child back for the next appointment. Our office had had enough nonsense, so we made it a point to be extra clear about everything. An impression would be taken for an appliance, which we would receive back from the lab in about 2 weeks, and the copay would be $79. It seemed to sink in. The assistant came up after taking the impression to let mom know when to schedule the next appointment. Mom was baffled by the concept of the appliance (it all supposedly made sense to her 20 minutes ago!) The assistant resorted to DRAWING MOM A PICTURE detailing the appliance/where it goes/how it works/why it's needed and even told her about how she'd had the same thing when she was a child. Mom was still confused and said she felt pressured and didn't think she wanted the appliance any more. 

Then why the hell did you come into our office today to have an impression made?!?

Wrapping up my story, mom would only pay $73, not $79, because "they told me it was $73" (I heard them tell you $79! It's right there on the chart. $79! $79! $79!!!) I told mom to have a seat in the waiting room and her child will be right out, to which she replied, "where is my child?". Before leaving, she told me that our office is "shady". We're shady?!? Despite all this, she says she will be returning in 2 weeks and again this summer for her child's check-up. 


Here's an old group photo from when my boss threw me a surprise bridal shower. Do any of these ladies look "shady"? NO!


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