Shamefully Meeting Our New Neighbors

Sexy Nerd and I just returned from a walk around the neighborhood with Pica and Biscuit. We were stopped by a cute little girl who was playing outside with her brothers and mom. She asked if she could pet our dogs. "Sure," we said, happy to meet more of our neighbors. Almost 3 years here and this was only the 3rd house where either of us has spoken to the neighbors. It's tough being socially awkward.

Biscuit isn't a fan of strangers, but Pica, our wiggly and happy Jack Russell Terrier, loooooved getting attention from the little girl. In fact, she loved it so much that when the girl (maybe age 3 or 4?) reached out to her, Pica jumped up and placed her front paws on the girl's shoulders. No worries though. The girl was laughing. Her mom was smiling. We were making friends.

Then Pica, who just looooooves attention, sprung a leak. She PEED all over the little girl, abruptly putting an end to our meet-and-greet with the neighbors. She was just so excited!

Sexy Nerd, Biscuit, and I will be taking a different route for our next walk. Pee Wee can come along too, if she must. Would future encounters be more embarrassing or less if she's wearing a diaper? I suppose it could be a conversation starter.

Does Pica look ashamed? She should!


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