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Funny Boss Quote of the Day

Springtime in Albuquerque means only one thing. Miserable, butt-kicking allergies. isn't even spring yet. Darn you, Albuquerque.

We should dig up all the juniper and institute a state-wide ban against it. I'm too stuffed up and groggy to post anything new today. Here is an allergy post from seven years ago. It's awful every single year. You know, the allergies...not my blog post.

Oh geez, I just realized my allergy post was originally published in May. Does that mean I have at least 3 more months of suffering?


Funny Boss Quote of the Day

My boss called me from her home and pointed out that it sounded like I was losing my voice. She proceeded to have me continue talking to her for the next half hour, concerned about my voice the entire time while simultaneously talking about nothing. She also gave me this little gem of allergy advice:

"Take that ricotta candy from Switzerland, with the bee pollen, and it will cure your allergies."

Her teenage son overheard and yelled that it's called Ricola, not ricotta. He also told her that it's just a cough drop, so it won't help any of my symptoms other than my sore throat. 

To this, my boss informed him that the candy will help because it's made with the pollen of Swiss bees that are probably around juniper all the time.

Isn't she just the best boss ever?

Albuquerque allergies
Keep your happy go lucky, allergy-free Sexy Nerd attitude to yourself! If I'm going to suffer, you should have to suffer. It's one of the deals of marriage.