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Canada Cruise on the Costa Atlantica

Actually, we've been back for a week. I love planning for a trip and anticipating all the wonderful blog posts to follow, but...after the trip, when it's time to actually sit down and write about everything we did, (so, so much!) my lazy side kicks into high gear and refuses to even look through trip photos, let alone write out all the details. My lazy side is so stubborn! It doesn't want to be here at home; it wants to be on VACATION! And don't even ask whether or not I've unpacked my suitcase. Packing for this trip, I was unpacking things from our last getaway, 6 months earlier!

For now, here is a summary of our cruise on the (horrible!) Costa Atlantica (seriously, it seemed like they were trying to kill us!) Before you think Good for you, Lamb, fighting your laziness to at least post where you went, you should know that I am cut/pasting this from our travel itinerary:

Fly into Quebec (Sat, 4/24)

Day in Quebec (Sun, 4/25)

Day in Saguenay & cruising the Saguenay Fjord (Mon, 4/26)

Day in Charlottetown (Weds, 4/28)

Day in Sydney (Thurs, 4/29)

Day in Halifax (Fri, 4/30)

Day in Bar Harbor (Sat, 5/1)

Day in Boston (Sun, 5/2)

Day in Newport (Mon, 5/3)

End of the cruise in New York (Tues, 5/4-Sat, 5/8)

Okay, now that I've posted that, I'm full of guilt. This barely counts as a blog post! To make things right, here are some wacky binocular photos from our cruise. I absolutely LOVED that we brought the binoculars!


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