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Guest Post: Road Trip...To The Psychiatrist

A special thank you to Shinxy at Vacuous Ramblings for providing a guest post today. I love the drawings she does for each of her posts. The drawing below is titled No Shoes.

Without further ado, here is the one and only Shinxy:

Yes people, this is as exciting as my life gets. I got to spend eight or nine hours in the car to see my psychiatrist.

We got into Melbourne an hour and a half early, so we went shopping. Sadly I couldn't spend much money because I've spent about half my pay this cycle on a certain jobless hobo of mine. I went to Borders first. I finally found the Philosophy section. 

It was looking pretty grim until I looked at the bottom shelf. Three Schopenhauer books! I was in pessimistic heaven. I found four books in total that I felt that I needed, but like I said, I had a budget. I decided on one Schopenhauer book and another on common logical fallacies (I love logic, but if I get too far in I get a little confused with all the Latin terms, so basic to moderate logic suits me fine).

I had a shoe problem by the middle of my shopping journey. The problem was, the insides were velvety and I had sweaty feet. This led to one 4x2cm blister on each big toe, and a blister on the entire ball of my foot on both feet. These weren't your grandma's blisters, people. These were multiple layers thick blisters. Turboblisters. So by the time I got to the psychiatrist, I was shoeless. My logic was 'I'm a crazy lady, I don't have to wear shoes to the psychiatrist!'

So, I wandered in like a drunk woman at 3 am on a Sunday. Nobody batted an eyelid. Except my psychiatrist.

I'm going on more meds. He told me I'd be taking a red one in the morning and the evening. I then told him about my love of the cute (relatively) little pink ones. So he said I could take one red one at night and two pink ones in the morning, since it would be the same dose. He also suggested that I take two pink ones instead of the red one in the evening so all my tablets would be pink, but I told him that was just silly.

I hadn't hallucinated all day (that I'd known of) but then I was hit by a trio - tasting soap, feeling something in my throat, and another one which I'd rather not discuss. So that was great.

Also, here is some sage advice for you all: do not leave your salad with feta cheese in the hot car for 45 minutes and then eat it.
Looking awfully happy for a girl whose feet are covered in blisters, Miss Shinxy


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