Mom Sexy Prom 2010

With a name like "Mom Sexy Prom 2010", (this link, to another prom goer, is one of my favorites) how could I resist? What's that, you say? I'm not allowed to play because I'm not a mom? Just who in the heck do you think you are, coming over to my blog and talking to me that way! I'll have you know that I have 2 beautiful babies:

The Pica (drugged out of her little mind here)

The Biscuit (so pretty!)

Still not convinced? Well, then I guess you'll just have to call me a party crasher! How convenient that I have such fancy flowers for my prom photo (HA!)

See the Pica bone in the background? I think that qualifies me for Mom Prom right there!

Who will be my date to Mom Prom? I pulled out an old photo from my senior prom for inspiration:

Clearly, I would not be going with that dirt bag again (don't even get me started!) Instead, I choose Seth MacFarlane:

 I know he's a womanizer, but I don't care. We look adorable together!
Also, my Photoshop skills need some serious work.

Really, the most appropriate choice would have been my Sexy Nerd. By the time this occurred to me though, I'd already taken the time to edit the photo. Sorry sweetie! To be fair, Sexy Nerd would probably prefer not to go to Mom Prom because I'd make him dance.

And, for those of you who are wondering, I still don't know who my romantic/CREEPY flower sender is. I did save whoever it was some money by having the charge for the bear refunded though - cheapest stalker target ever! In all honesty, it's probably the same jerk I crossed out of the photo above. I prefer to think that it's someone who read my blog and fell in love with me after seeing my super sexy photos in this post.

No wonder I'm attracting weirdos!

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