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We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Time to Redo the Guest Bedroom

My office is in desperate need of a makeover. Although we pulled up the dingy, gray-blue carpet from most of our house when we moved in, the gross carpet is still in my office! Keeping it company is an old garden tub, glass shower doors, and other dusty reminders of our master bathroom remodel. The thing I hate most of all? My office window looks out onto a street corner where drivers ALWAYS run the stop sign, leaving me yelling at them in my pajamas when I really should be working! Solution? Take over the guest bedroom, which has no view whatsoever of that damn stop sign. Really, it has no view whatsoever of anything, but I'm okay with that. What does this mean? In addition to fancying up my ugly, ugly office, I get to redo the guest bedroom! I've been browsing around and have found a few fun products. Isn't online shopping fun? I love this sofa, which could be used instead of a bed at night and could be a comfy place to watch TV during the day (and it's only $249 with free delivery AND good reviews! Can you believe that??)


Would our guests appreciate having their own super-cute fireplace? Based on how cheap frugal we are when it comes to heating our house in the winter, methinks they would.

I'm optimistic that even the occasional, insanely rowdy/drunk/running-around-my-house-naked-and-sleeping-with-my-ex-boyfriend-while-I'm-in-the-next-room (you know who you are!) guest will not be able to set anything on fire with this

*Update: After posting this, I kept browsing on Wayfair and came across this cool fountain. It wouldn't be right in a guest room, of course, but I love it anyway! Perhaps a patio makeover is on the horizon?

Maybe a better name for this post would have been something along the lines of Currently Obsessed with Fire


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