Snazzy Website Full of Snazzy (and REAL!) Deals

Today I am going to let you, my fabulous readers, in on a snazzy website that’s full of great deals. My mom was actually the one who found it first. She told me that she received an email telling her to go to a site and hand over her credit card information in exchange for a coupon she could print herself. Can you guess what my reaction was? Oh yes, I thought that whoever it was over in Mauritius or wherever these wacko emails originate had found the perfect sucker and that she had been ripped off big time.

My mom continued to call and pester me about whether or not I’d visited the site yet. “Yeah, it’s great,” I told her, rolling my eyes. Links from her email address flooded my In box. Finally, just to prove what a waste of time and money the website was, I took a look.

Damn. She was right. I purchased a coupon for $140 worth of fancy spa services for $70 and another coupon for $15 worth of fancy (everything on the site seems fancy to me) food at a restaurant in Old Town for just $7. As a self-proclaimed champion of finding the “best deals EVER” online, I hate when my mom is right about these things.

So, what is this fabulous site, you wonder? It’s GROUPON! They feature a different deal every day (except during the weekend, which is a tad bit annoying) and allow you to search in different cities, which is perfect for the travel-addicted types like Sexy Nerd and me.

What’s the best part about Groupon? If you refer someone and they make a purchase soon after, (I think it has to be within 48 hours) you get a $10 credit! Okay, this part sounds a bit shameless, but that’s because it is. Click on my link for Groupon RIGHT HERE and sign up and buy something so that I get $10! (I warned you this part was shameless) Then, refer all your other bloggy buddies and get $10 for yourself. And, hey, if you want to post about this on your own blog and say how Lamb at LambAround told you all about Groupon and how you absolutely LOVE the LambAround blog, that’s just fine with me as well!

What was that snazzy referral link again?

Sign up and help feed my insane chocolate addiction. You know you want to!


  1. Way cool! Thanks for the info!

  2. I'm already signed up - I haven't bought anything, but I love Groupon!

  3. I haven't heard of this before. Thanks.

  4. My friend has told me about this website many times. She loves it. I still haven't checked it out, though. I will have to now:) Thanks!

    I am so glad you liked my pasta with lentils!

  5. I LOVE GROUPON. And LivingSocial. And Tippr. An Yubit. I don't know if those other ones are in your city. But they're awesome. And ask me for a referral if you join them. Because I love you. <3

    Tonight the husband and I used our coupon we got from LivingSocial. It's for 6 entrees for 2 people AND a bottle of wine PER dinner. So really it's 12 entrees and 6 bottles of wine. How much? $35. I kid you not. And the place is absolutely adorable, a little cafe with an outdoor patio. In fact, I'm going to blog about it. It's that amazing. Our bill without the coupon tonight would have been $30 alone, w/o tip or tax. And we get to have 5 more meals with the same coupon. AndyesIboughttwocoupons. So really we get to do this 11 more times. That's $5.83 per dinner. Or $2.92 per person per dinner for an entree and several glasses of really nummy wine. :DDDDDDDD

    Disclaimer: This was written shortly after the bottle of wine was extinguished. This is why this comment is excessive and poorly written. I hope you find it endearing.

  6. Girl, you are definitely shameless and I love it! You are my kind of girl.

  7. I love that site. The best part is that they send you emails with every new offers and coupons.

  8. I keep hearing great things about GroupOn, but I've been too lazy to actually try it. Now I'm tempted!

  9. Never heard of Groupon before, but I'll have to go check it out.

  10. I will have to check it out. With a four kids, I need all the deals I can get my hands on. :)


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