Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

200 Follower Link Party!

Have you heard? LambAround has topped 200 followers! WOO HOO HOO! My little blog has come a long way since those days when I wasn't sure why to bother blogging at all. To celebrate, I'm having a party, blog style. You're invited! I won't try to sell you Tupperware or Longaberger Baskets or Mary Kay cosmetics (though, admittedly I may try to get $10 by signing you up for Groupon). This is going to be much better than the last party I promised you, which I was totally robbed of!

Put on your dorkiest hat. It's party time!
And, FYI, that is a ginormous ball of deep-fried mozzarella on my plate.

Come see my beautiful, mysterious flowers. (HA!)

I'll regale you with my tales of jury duty and all the times Sexy Nerd has put his foot in his mouth.

Eat some employer-donated cheesecake and deceptive salad off of my fancy schmancy Noritake Colorwave Floral Accent Plates. Everything will be delicious - as long as we don't put Sexy Nerd in charge of announcing when the food is served!

Ooh, we can even do makeovers! We can test out my super good deal face products and make deliciously awesome face masks. Seriously, I am in love with these homemade face masks!

Highlight of the party? Pig out on chocolate with me! This, to me, is the reason to go to any party.

 These 2 are definitely not invited to my LambAround party. Punks!

Okay, it's time for the 2nd highlight of the party (next to binging on chocolate, obviously!) Link up, all you beautimous party people. Link to a post (a specific post - not just your entire blog, please!) that you're proud of that fits in with our fun party atmosphere. A funny story? A recipe? A craft or pretty photo you've taken?

And, pretty please, mention somewhere that your post is playing over at the LambAround party. The more guests, the merrier. Invite your friends! There's plenty of virtual chocolate for everyone!

Now, get out there and mingle!


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