Come to the Albuquerque Zoo with me!

It's a bright, sunny day in Albuquerque. Did you remember to put on sunscreen? You grabbed your hat and water bottle?

Great! We're off to the Albuquerque Zoo, which is waaay better (and less crowded) than the San Diego Zoo. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Once he had our attention, there was no stopping him from screaming HELLO! and swinging and doing flips along the top of his cage..

Mmmmm, furry bacon!

This mountain lion has been pacing back and forth, scouring the crowd for weak children to pick from the pack, every time we've ever been to the zoo, except for this visit. Perhaps he finally caught one. He does look content.

Sexy Nerd insists this bird was watching me. But is his eye missing?

Someone's cute and knows it.

Wow. A zebra.

Yeah, he's pretty special.

What do you do when you're a polar bear in the desert?

You "chill" out!
(I hear you laughing!)

This concludes our fabulous Albuquerque excursion. Don't forget to tip your tour guide. In case you haven't heard, chocolate is always welcome!