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Menu for Sexy Nerd's Birthday Dinner

Thanks to everyone who offered recipe ideas for Sexy Nerd's birthday! I was having a tricky time deciding what to make, but luckily a great idea occurred to me. I asked him what he wanted! It's such a simple concept, right?

Pretty! Do men appreciate pretty when it comes to their food?

He said anything would be fine and that he's sure whatever I made would be delicious, which is sweet but also so very not helpful! After a little pestering, he decided on green chili chicken enchiladas.

Here is the menu:

I plan to make the enchilada casserole using fresh green chili (one of the perks of living in Albuquerque) and this chicken recipe:

Which will be served with

I was going to make these sweet potato fries as well, but sweet potatoes were not on sale this week.

I have a lot to do today - not everything can be fancy!

I also need to make dinner for tonight and something for Sexy Nerd to take into work for his birthday tomorrow (you know, like if he were in elementary school? Silly engineers!) In a lucky coincidence, I have the day off work. My plan is to make everything today so that there is less to do when I get home from work tomorrow. I started making the chicken in the Crock Pot last night, which was a great idea except for one thing. Around 4am, I woke up because I smelled chicken. Well, really I woke up because I smelled something and shot up in bed thinking 


I've been awake ever since and am ready to tackle my day of cooking just as soon as I pull myself away from the computer.


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