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Savory Zucchini Pancakes

These are very simple to make. We eat them as a snack but they would also make a great appetizer. The recipe below is for 2 people.

Om nom nom.

Sexy Nerd has been growing a lot of zucchini in his garden.

Why he wrapped the larger zucchini in plastic is anyone's guess.

 Beat 2 eggs.

Personally, I think photos of beating eggs are fun.


Coarsely grate 1 zucchini. There is no need to peel it.

If you're looking for a review of my Kitchen Aid food processor, just know that I am not a fan. (It leaks!)

Mix 1 cup of zucchini in with your eggs. There is no need to drain any moisture from the zucchini.

Mix in 1/2 a cup of pancake mix. Does it concern me that Sexy Nerd and I go through several of these 10 pound bags a year? A little.

Oooh, drippy.

Mix in a pinch of onion salt, a dash of garlic powder, and a generous sprinkling each of curry powder and italian seasoning. I love curry powder so I tend to add at least a tablespoon. Sexy Nerd, however, is not much of a curry powder fan.

Drop spoonfuls onto a hot, nonstick pan. Cover.

These are set to about medium-low so that the zucchini has time to become tender.

Personally, I like to use my Proctor Silex griddle for things like pancakes.

Ours was a steal at Bed Bath and Beyond because it had a broken leg. It cooks the same, with or without 2 legs!

Check them in a few minutes. They should be ready to flip.

Toward the end of making pancakes, do you ever get impatient and just throw all the remaining batter onto the pan? I do. I'm the same way with cookies.

Really, they taste the exact same and you can always cut them into smaller pancakes after they start cooking.

Like the photo above? Bonus points if you spotted Pica lurking in the shadows.

The perfect snack for Sexy Nerd's painting break!

Kitchen Pig is a fan.

Ta da!