New Bed + $35 Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY

A few years ago, Sexy Nerd and I spent 3 weeks apart while my mom and I visited family in the Seychelles. Although he made it seem like he didn't want me to leave, Sexy Nerd was secretly looking forward to it. He had a surprise planned. For years, I had wanted to buy a pretty new bed, just like this one:

Unfortunately, being a full-time student and working as a Pizza Hut manager didn't leave me with any money to actually buy a bed. Sexy Nerd was also a poor college student. What to do, right?

Build a bed, of course!

It took up the entire bedroom in our rental house!

Of course, we have since moved into our own house and our tastes have changed. Want to guess where I am heading with this?

Fear not, my bloggy friends. Although the photo above looks like a hopeless mess, our bedroom remodel is actually close to finished (with more photos coming soon!) One of the last steps is to sand down this ginormous bed and restain it a dark brown. *Ugh!*

We're quite tempted to move this bed into the guest room, as is, and just buy something new. I've been browsing through the cheap bedroom furniture from CSN. Sure, a new bed wouldn't have any sentimental value, but it also wouldn't need any work!

Would you take the hard-working route and risk splinters and polyurethane headaches to save this bed? If so, you're a Sexy Nerd! I think you know who I am (hint: Sexy Nerd has never posted on this blog, despite my pleading).

What's that, you say? You don't care about our cruddy remodel or do-it-yourself bed story? Geez! We'd better get on to the main event!

$35 CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway! 

It may not be enough for a new bed, but there are plenty of other things you can buy with $35 at, like:

I would use this to make my all-time favorite dessert - Baked Alaska

Incidentally, if anyone out there is wondering what Lamb would like for Christmas, think of this as one of those *hint, hint* kind of blog posts! I will be randomly selecting a winner on or around October 14, 2010. This giveaway is open to all U.S. and Canada residents.

Enter by doing one or any combination of the following (you only need to comment once saying what you've done - not 8 times!):

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Easy, right? Good luck!

This Giveaway is CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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