OH NO! Is Lamb Still Alive?

Sure, there have been many posts since I told you I may have tetanus (and, even worse, that I needed a SHOT!) but for all you know, those posts may have been pre-scheduled and my funeral was actually last week. Fear not, for I am alive! As of September 20th, at least.

I can hear your sighs of relief all across the internet.

I summoned my courage and went to Walgreens for a tetanus shot. Guess what? It was easy peasy! Heck, I even thought about asking for a flu shot while I was there. Ultimately, I decided against it because it would have been denied by my insurance (are you buying any of this?)

Like my BandAid? I am so tough.

Really though, it was easy, and it was completely worth it for the peace of mind. Even better, at my insistence, Sexy Nerd took me to McDonalds afterward!

Ice Cream AND McDoubles? Score!

What's wrong with Sexy Nerd, you ask? Did the vaccine send me into an arm-punching rage?

He was MAKING FUN OF ME! Punk. 

So much chocolate fudge and only $1. Who are these people who don't like McDonalds??

Even all melty, it's beautimous!

I apologize for the sketchy photos. I've been nervous taking photos inside restaurants ever since I took this photo at a McDonalds in Paris:

It didn't even flash, but suddently these two women were shaking their fingers at me and scolding "No, no madmoiselle! No photo! Madmoiselle, no!" It's my pride and joy from the trip.


  1. Good for you and that fudge sundie looks awesome. Glad your still around!

  2. I'm happy you are ok.. I gave you a reward.

  3. HA! You photo-snaking badass. Don't look at me, I freakin' love McDonald's. Shoulda got the flu shot -- I just heard they protect you from heart attacks too.

  4. You are one funny chick is all I can say. Sexy nerd has gotta luv ya! Glad you are OK:) I knew that though already.

  5. Okay, this made me laugh so hard because when I was little, my mom took us for McDonalds milkshakes after we got a shot or a throat culture. So even now, over 30 years old, I HAVE to have the shake after I get a shot...and I don't even have needle issues!

  6. Happy to read you're ok! Wow, that McDonalds looks good!!

  7. Easy-peasy indeed! The shot itself is a piece of cake it's the sore arm (and I had a fever after my last Tetanus shot) the day after the shot that's a pain. (Yes, I didn't warn you about that before! I knew you needed the shot!)

  8. What's a McDouble? So, I'm not the only one who gets in trouble for picture taking.--Nice to know. ;)

  9. Have a great day. I am following back :)

  10. Glad you are still alive. From the look of that skinny arm, you need a few more of those chocolatey thingy's! LOL

  11. I need to get another tetanus shot and I've been waiting until I'm half dead from a rusty nail incident of some sort. Maybe I should just head to walgreens and get myself one. You make it look so easy! :)

  12. First, you can't beat all that chocolate for a buck. You just can't.

    Second, I had to get a tetanus shot around this time last year when I started getting red streaks flowing up my leg from a wound that got infected after a ladder bit my foot. That's right. The ladder bit me and then I had a Fiona foot. Shrek loved it.

    Anyway, I honestly thought the tetanus vaccine was killing me. It hurt SO bad for at least a week and I felt like CRAP. I thought, well, my gain green didn't kill me, but the tetanus shot sure as heck is. RIP Fiona. She was a great mom.

    But I survived. Have a nice big ladder bite scar and all, but it's all good. I may be safely bit for another 6 years or so, I think!

    Feel better. Eat more fudge :)

  13. Fudge, or any chocolate for that matter, cures all.

  14. Wow...now I want a McD's ice cream sundae. And I know what you mean about taking photos in certain places. I'm so paranoid about it around here because there are all these new rules since 9/11. I'm afraid people are going to yell at me or take my camera away.


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