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OH NO! Is Kitty Deschanel Still Alive?

Sure, there have been many posts since I told you I may have tetanus (and, even worse, that I needed a SHOT!) but for all you know, those posts may have been pre-scheduled and my funeral was actually last week. Fear not, for I am alive! As of September 20th, at least.

I can hear your sighs of relief all across the internet.

I summoned my courage and went to Walgreens for a tetanus shot. Guess what? It was easy peasy! Heck, I even thought about asking for a flu shot while I was there. 

Ultimately, I decided against it because it would have been denied by my insurance. (Okay, because I'm a big wimpy wimp.)

Like my BandAid? I am so tough.

Really though, it was easy, and it was completely worth it for the peace of mind. Even better, at my insistence, Sexy Nerd took me to McDonalds afterward!

Ice Cream AND McDoubles? Score!

What's wrong with Sexy Nerd, you ask? Did the vaccine send me into an arm-punching rage?

It seems the love of my life, who had come along to support me, was now making fun of me. You'd thought I was mean to call him a bastard in my previous blog post, but I was right.   

So much chocolate fudge and only $1. Who are these people who don't like McDonalds?

Even all melty, it's glorious!

I apologize for the sketchy photos. I've been nervous taking photos inside restaurants ever since I took this photo at a McDonalds in Paris:

It didn't even flash, but suddenly these two women were shaking their fingers at me and scolding "No, no mademoiselle! No photo! Mademoiselle, no!" It's my pride and joy from the trip.

In closing, if you're a big wimp like yours truly, be reassured that receiving a vaccination really doesn't hurt. You know, just like everyone has been telling you for years.