I Should Have Known Better

The other afternoon, I was enjoying some quiet time alone. I had my pajamas on (not the type to wear your pajamas in the middle of the day? You're working too hard!) and was reading a book in my office. The ceiling fan was set to the lowest speed. Sexy Nerd peeked in through the doorway to ask if I wanted to come to Lowes with him. Nope, I was perfectly happy just being lazy. As he left, I made my big mistake.

Can you turn the fan up for me? I asked, truly embracing my laziness. He did.

Then, he noticed that the fan wiggled slightly. We have lived in this house for over 3 years and I have never noticed anything wrong with the fan. Of course, Sexy Nerd didn't think a wobbly fan was anything to take lightly.

That's going to vibrate right off the ceiling and kill someone, he said, completely serious (to which I thought, seriously!?) This is the part of my story where I was forced to leave my office (too dangerous!) while Sexy Nerd took the entire fan down.

Sexy Nerd has no respect for a lazy, pajama-wearing afternoon.


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