I'm Not a Clever Candy Bar Stasher

What's the drawer under the oven for?

When you started living on your own, did you ever do anything stupid? Like really, really stupid? I did and Sexy Nerd is never going to let me forget it.

Geez, I was stupid. Perhaps I'm not the only one though. Let me ask you a question...

What's the drawer under the oven for?
What is this?

If you answered "I don't know what the heck that is," you'd better read on and learn from my mistake.

I have a little disorder known as 'frugalitis'. Some people would insist that I'm just very cheap, but I assure you that it is a serious condition that's completely out of my control. I don't normally spend money on anything frivolous, but I love those little candy bars that used to go on sale for 10/$1. There are a lot to choose from. Kit Kats, Milky Ways, 100 Grands, etc. A few years ago, Hershey changed these to 8/$1 - a 20% increase! I have not purchased them since. This story takes place before Hershey jacked up the price.

The packages of candy bars were on sale for $0.89 for a 10 pack - a savings of $0.11! I took advantage of this by purchasing 30 packs (300 little candy bars - I told you I love them). The store had a limit of 5 per customer, so I had to make 6 trips to get this many. Super annoying.

Now, I hesitate to even write this, but I am also a teensie bit greedy. These 300 mini candy bars were for me. I did not want to share them with Sexy Nerd. We were living together though, so I needed to find a good hiding place. Hence, that handy drawer beneath the oven. Do you know where I'm going with this yet?

So, what's the drawer under the oven for? Growing up, my mom always used this drawer to store pots and pans. I had no idea that it got hot when the oven was on! Did you know it gets hot when the oven is on??

The very first night that I had the candy bars, while I was at work, Sexy Nerd baked a frozen pizza. In a way, I really had found the perfect hiding place. Even after repeatedly setting off the smoke detector, Sexy Nerd never thought to open the drawer underneath the oven. I almost wish he had. At least that way

300 mini candy bars would not have been completely ruined!

(It kills me. To this day, I still mourn for the candy bars that could have been.)

In addition to melding together with all the foil and plastic from the wrappers, then setting firmly together like action figures belonging to a wicked child with a lighter, the broiler pan was destroyed. Really though, if not for the broiler pan underneath, the entire drawer may have needed replacing. Can you even do that or would we have had to get a new oven for the rental house?

Last but not least, I got mad at Sexy Nerd when I got home. I hadn't discovered the candy bars yet, but the entire house smelled like cookies. I looked everywhere (minus the oven drawer!) and, when I couldn't find any, I figured that Sexy Nerd had been greedy and eaten all of the cookies he'd baked without saving me any.

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