Sooooo Lazy!

Best in Show nominees?


I've chosen the nominees and was going to post them this morning before work. Then, I was going to post them first thing after work. Then, I was going to post them right after I got home from picking up my glasses (my first pair of glasses ever!)

The nominees will be announced Tuesday morning...I'm fairly certain ;)

On a side note, I never realized just how horrible my vision was. I finally made an eye appointment after Sexy Nerd said he wasn't going to read the McDonalds menu to me anymore. Now that I can see, I can't believe I didn't get glasses sooner. I just looked out our bedroom window and the lights from the city are hundreds of individial little dots, not just a blur of white and yellow like they've always been. Amazing.

On another side note, a photo with my fancy new glasses (J. Lo brand - aren't I cool?) may or may not be coming soon. I'm still coming to terms with my nerdy look (not to mention that my nose looks huge with glasses!)

Goodnight, my bloggy friends!


  1. We all need a day of lazy from time to time. Enjoy and can't wait to see you in the J. Lo glasses!

  2. I look forward to seeing your glasses. I'm sure you're adorable in them.

  3. Yes, some days are like that where everything you intended to do just slips away!

  4. hi Lamb!

    Glasses and being lazy are two of life's great pleasures. That and sexy nerds, of course. We share at least three things in common! ha ha.



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