An Ugly Scientist

Sexy Nerd and I recently discovered the awesomeness of The Office. The great thing about having never seen an episode until well into the series is that we have dozens of new episodes recorded. Last night, we watched the episode where Stanley is being disrespectful to Michael, asking "Did I stutter?" during an office meeting. In this episode, Pam has to wear her glasses after forgetting to bring her contact solution to a friend's house.

In other words, no, there will be no photos of myself wearing my new glasses today.

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Michael Scott: Alright everybody-- [noticing Pam's glasses] Oh. My. God. Pam. Those make you look so ugly. Uhh, Pam in order to get hotter you take the glasses off. You're moving in the wrong direction.
Pam Beesly: I don't have my contacts--
Michael Scott: Dah, dah, dah. I can't even hear you. It's just noise coming out of an ugly scientist.

Yeah, ummmm...I like being able to see more than a foot away, but the glasses are not working for me.

What's that? You want to see my new glasses anyway? Fine.

To be fair, I am wearing my glasses in this photo.

Sexy Nerd likes my glasses. He says I look like a librarian.


Fine. If you really must see me in all my dorky splendor, a blog post where I'm actually wearing my glasses on my face can be found here.


  1. OMG, LOVE the Office! We discovered it last year, it's totally addicting. Love Dwight!

    Our new obsession is How I Met your Mother. Funny!

  2. I LOVE THE OFFICE!! And those episodes are fantastic!! Man... I need to watch some more dammit!

    I hate my glasses but everyone tells me I look cute or "sexy" with them on. I think they are smoking stuff. So I feel your pain

  3. Ha! Hubbs loves the Office. I go through phases. Michael can be such a d-bag, but that's hilarious. And I think those look lovely. It'd be better if you were actually wearing them. :)

  4. I luv the Office!!!! I started falling out of "luv" and more into "like" but lately its been picking up again. :)

  5. I think they're cute on top of your head! I heart the Office too!

  6. My husband and I love that show. It cracks me up. I stay up too late watching the reruns sometimes:)

  7. Love The Office too! And the glasses look cute on your head, for sure! :-)

  8. I loved that episode of the Office. I think it has since jumped the shark but it never fails to make me chuckle at least once!

    Not a fan of wearing glasses myself (though mine are incredibly thick--and reduced as far as they can go--so there's no way I'd wear them out in public) but yours look to be fine. At least from this angle :p

    Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!!


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