Fighting with Sexy Nerd

Remember MySpace? I'd forgotten all about it and decided to sign on for the first time in over a year. There was a post that I wrote right after Sexy Nerd and I moved into our rental house together. It's cute, in a pitiful, dopey way. Here you go, cut and pasted directly from MySpace:

Nerdy just told me that his mom asked why our house is decorated my way and not his. Well gee, I'd love to use his dining room table instead of mine but, guess what, he doesn't own one! I'd love to use his plates and glasses and bedding and towels, etc, etc, if he had some! He always complains that my couch is uncomfortable, but does he ever offer to buy a new one? Nope! And does he even own a bed? Nope! (although I've been told that he has an air mattress stored away somewhere...) Besides, he says he likes the way that I decorate. If you saw the way "his" office and "his" garage look, you would understand why he has little influence over the rest of the house. Lol, he's standing here reading this right now and he says that his office and garage match because the theme is "ugly" and he likes it. Crazy nerd! ;)

Eep! Nerdy is attacking me! (yay!!!) Oh no! I'd better end this!!!

For the record, I am not mad. I just think it's funny that someone would complain about a person who doesn't own anything decorative not adding to the decorations.

Oh, wait, Nerdy says to mention that he does own a decoration. It's a calendar magnet that he got for free. It's on the fridge though, so BAH!

Oh no, there's more to add. Here is Nerdy's personal list of belongings, straight from his mouth, which are adding to the decorative atmosphere of his rooms:

1. temperature thing

2. free plant from the church in a paper cup

3. Camelback bladder (his words, not mine!) (it's hanging on MY lamp.) (that's right, even the furniture in his office and garage are provided by me)

4. an orange sparkle

5. a bobblehead doggie

6. a tiny plastic Isotopes hat that came free as an ice cream sundae bowl at the game we attended on Sunday

7. a beer glass

8. a plastic snorkel

 Young love - so carefree and dorky