How NOT to be a Sexy Nerd

For comparison, let's first examine someone who is excelling at being a Sexy Nerd:

Lookin' Good, Baby!

Tragically, the images you are about to see are of a girl who is not putting the "sexy" in Sexy Nerd:

Has anyone seen my "sexy" around? I swear I just had it a moment ago.

I look like I'm ready to go study physics.
(Whatever that is)

Yes, my closet does have the best lighting. Why do you ask?

I've always thought glasses are sexy on other people.

Ahh, back to myself again.

EEP! Super Nerd will bore us all to death with endless discussion of equations and mechatronics!  

My "You don't honestly expect me to wear these ridiculous things in public, do you?" look.