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Announcing the Best in Show Award Nominees

I've finally returned to post this week's nominees for the Best in Show award. Sorry for the delay. Laziness has been calling to me! We did have a delightful time at tea on Saturday and I'm hoping to share photos tomorrow.

So, which bloggers went above and beyond with their posts last weekend? Let's take a look:

Not Just a Mommy posted a super-sweet, not to mention easy to make, Valentine's Day gift idea.

Our Growing Garden was guaranteed a nomination for the Best in Show award when I saw this photo and the name of the post - Oiled Butt Massages! HA!

Pinkapotamus used an unwanted banana stand to hold a homemade Valentine's Day birdcage.

Days at Buttermilk Cottage has me ready for spring! Did you know it's simple to grow your own violets from one stem?

The Blackberry Vine appealed to my inner-Hippie with these groovy cake pops.

Taradara snazzed up a set of old chairs. I've been meaning to recover our dining room chairs for several years and this post has almost motivated me to actually do it.

Purple Chocolat Home (don't you just love the name?) created designer look-alike photo frames on a slim budget.

Our Humble A{Bowe}d shared her paint pen discovery and created unique mugs.

My Delicious Ambiguity taught how to make your own reusable Valentine's Day countdown calendar.

Type A shared some creative decor.

Congratulations to all those nominated! Now the fun really begins - voting! Be sure to support your favorite blog post with the poll at the top of this page. Nominees, here is a button to help your Best in Show campaign:

The winner of the Best in Show award will be announced toward the end of this week. Good luck everyone and have fun!


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