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Christmas, 2010: Fun at the Albuquerque Sunport

Sexy Nerd and I said goodbye to chilly Albuquerque and flew off to Tucson to see my family on Christmas Day. There wasn't much of a line going through security, but I was selected to be one of the *lucky* passengers inspected by the airport's new body scanner. Sexy Nerd says it's because I cut in front of him in the security line.

Supposedly, the scanner can't see beneath sequins. Doesn't everyone wear sequins on Christmas? After being scanned, I was also required to be "patted down" by the hand of a large, stern woman.


 Christmas photo!
Note the plethora of black sequins all over my chest.

 What's the matter, Sexy Nerd?

 Oh, that's right. It's time for a Neal family Christmas. There, there!

 So many Neals!

So very, very many Neals!

Honestly, I'm just being dramatic. They're all fun, friendly people and it was wonderful to spend Christmas with them.

(And who knows if any of them will read this post!)

Sexy Nerd's family always settles down for an afternoon nap on Christmas day. Meanwhile, the Neals are busy eating sausage and lasagna and tearing into presents!

Sexy Nerd's family used to begin every Christmas morning by blasting carols bright and early. That ended a few years ago, when Sexy Nerd's mom called his brother at 6am and loudly played Joy to the World over the phone. 

She had the wrong number.

Good times. Everyone was completely nice, perhaps with the exception of my mom...

...who suggested I belonged in The Wizard of Oz. 



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