The Messy Fridge Chronicles

Most people would hide this.

Is it normal to have this many condiments??


  1. That is quite a bit of condiments! lol I think it's perfectly normal, though I have like 1/20th the amount lol. I'm probably the abnormal one!

  2. uhmm..... yes (do not look in my fridge, the crisper is literally stuck to the bottom and won't move)

  3. Looks pretty familiar actually. It's only missing a giant jar of minced garlic.

  4. Well, I don't know if its noral, but I know mine looks like that, too...

    My husband is always asking me the same thing! I don't remember buying so many...but they are there. (I think they reproduce overnight--there is really no other way to explain the situation!)

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  7. that's normal! My fridge looks exactly the same. Someone once told me I was a "dipper" in I just like to dip my food into sauces. LOL!


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