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We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Pizza Soup

Last night was my turn to make dinner. Sexy Nerd wanted pizza, but I still wasn't feeling quite up to that after having my wisdom teeth out on New Years Eve. So, we had Pizza Soup, which is fast & easy.

Sexy Nerd thought this was a pretty crummy alternative to pizza, especially since he doesn't really like soup. However, he did say that "for soup, it's not bad".

I'm having my stitches removed today, so maybe there's some real pizza on the horizon!

Hmm, something went horribly wrong with my photo here. Tasty looking soup though.

In true Pizza Soup form though, it's much more tasty with mozzarella cheese! See that shiny liquid clinging to the side of the bowl? That's flavor.

Poor, forever-starved Sexy Nerd. Assured that he would waste away to nothing on a meal of Pizza Soup, (didn't he see all the "flavor" above?!?) I also made him a quick, easy sweet potato pie, all for himself. No, none of the foods we eat typically go well together.

Around here, we like to cut back on dishes to wash whenever possible. Eating directly from the pan is not only acceptable; it's encouraged.

Recipes coming soon - otherwise I'm going to be late for work today. Happy Friday, everyone!

And wish me luck at the oral surgeons office! Does it hurt to have stitches removed? The ones we use at work dissolve on their own and I've never had stitches before.

*Post-Stitches Update*
Having your stitches removed sucks! And, per Dr. McConnell, I have to blast my "craters" (craters!?) with salt water for the next 2 weeks. When will this all be over? I want my pizza and I want it now!


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