Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Tucson: Reid Park Zoo and Winterhaven Festival of Lights

Sexy Nerd and I visited my family in Tucson for Christmas (remember the airport frisking I received? Good times.) I blogged about Christmas day, but was a bit lazy about the rest. When you think about it, January 17th is really pretty close to December 26th.

The Plan: Everyone meet for breakfast, then head next door to the Reid Park Zoo with my cousin, her husband, and their 2 kids

The Reality: The restaurant that we drove across town to eat at was closed. No biggie. Sexy Nerd and I love McDonalds breakfast burritos (and I love Cinnamelts! Oooh, the ooey gooeyness!)

Change in Plans: Follow my aunt and uncle's car. We'll eat breakfast at their house instead.

Back across town.

Waaaay past the Reid Park Zoo.

Past several McDonalds.

Have you ever noticed how spread out everything in Tucson is? Albuquerque is much more compact.

What to do when going back and forth in an unfamiliar city while a frustrated Sexy Nerd drives and ignores you? Self portraits!

At my aunt and uncle's house, we feasted on bagels, fruit salad, and tamales. Much better than McDonalds breakfast burritos (but, oh, the Cinnamelts that could have been...)

Next stop, the Reid Park Zoo. Back to the other side of town!

We had never been to this zoo before. With our Albuquerque Zoo membership, we received free admission in Tucson. Score!

I'd never seen a peacock in a tree before. How did they get up there??

Nyah nyah!

Up close and personal with a tapir.

Really up close and personal! Whisper into my ear, you darling little tapir.

Sexy Nerd took a photo with the tapir between us. I asked to see the photo afterward. He insisted that it was fine and wouldn't show me.

After our fun day at the zoo, we took my parents out to dinner at OPA! for my dad's 60th birthday. I wish we had that restaurant in Albuquerque! Mmmm, the lamb around my plate (LOL!)(Yeah, you love my dorky humor. There's no sense trying to to deny it.)

Next, we drove through the final night of the Winterhaven Festival of Lights.

My mom hopped out of the car and bought me a big bag of kettle corn. Wasn't that nice?

Back at the hotel, I decided to check my email on the computer in the lobby. Honestly, what kind of a person leaves a public keyboard like this?

I didn't visit any blogs that contained a J, K, or M!

Other than that yuckiness, Day 2 in Tucson was a lot of fun!


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