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You're Never Too Old for a Princess Bedroom

Isn't this the most beautiful bedroom you've ever seen?

I want to recreate this for our guest bedroom, albeit with a more sophisticated color scheme (green or dark blue, perhaps?) and mural (toile, anyone?). Geez, look at that amazing rug! I'm thinking that Sexy Nerd can build the bed for the room (he, uh, doesn't know this yet, but I'm sure he'll be thrilled!)

Come to think of it, I could probably sucker him into sweetly convince him to build a couple of side tables while he's at it.

One big design factor is that this will need to be a guest room and my office, all rolled into one and, ideally, all while looking just as stunning as in the above photo. The layout of the actual room is almost identical to the photo, minus the doors. If anyone out there has any great office/bedroom photos to share, I'd love the link!

Ooh, and yoga! It should have space for a yoga mat and a little TV and DVD player. I've never done yoga, but then again, I never had a yoga room before.

And, because I know you're dying (dying!) to see more photos related to that lovely purple bedroom, you might want to click on over to Inhabitat. The room is from the 2010 Incredible Healthy Home, also known as one of my many dream homes.