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Best in Show Nominees (and my fave Super Bowl commercial)

6/3/12 Update: The video has been removed from the interwebs. Aaaaaaaw man!

First up, I have to post this because:
  1. I have watched it at least 30 times since last night and still laugh every time.
  2. Some people seem to think it's "gross" and "not funny at all" (they clearly don't appreciate it and need to watch it again!)
  3. The song has been stuck in my head all day.
  4. By linking to it on LambAround, I will always know where to find it and will be able to watch it over and over, for years to come.

Video Removed
Gosh darn it!

Wasn't that the best commercial you've ever seen? DORITOS! The creepy guy actually reminds me quite a bit of my brother. If my mom reads this, she'll probably insist I'm making fun of him, but I really think he'd agree. He's probably doing an impersonation of the Doritos guy right now!

Now, on with the nominations for the Best in Show Award! Here are this weekend's Top 10:

Be Colorful took a plain tea cart and turned it into something vibrant and special!

Moore Minutes took the standard Bunco party fare and elevated it to fun new heights!

Sweet as Sugar Cookies shared a recipe with a name I couldn't resist - The BEST Bread I Have Ever Eaten.

ChildMade posted a tutorial for creating a heart brooch out of wire.

A Little Bit of Everything baked us this scrumptious cake.

Ms. Smartie Pants (clever!) invited us into her home to enjoy her Valentine's Day decor.

The Iowa Farmer's Wife created a coffee collar that I would love to show off at work.

The Bird's Papaya created her own decorative pillows (surely you recall that I'm partial to Dsquared, right?) There's a Diet Coke one on her blog too!

 In My Own Style let us in on a brilliant decorating idea involving trim. 

My Nerdy Nook decopaged her entire desk!

Congratulations, nominees! Here is a button to help you out:

Here is a different, less competitive (completely non-competitive, actually) button if the one above isn't quite your style:
I plan to have the poll available until approximately Sunday. Good luck!

Oh, and I'd love to know: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?


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