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Monster Jam in Albuquerque

I managed to avoid this for almost 27 years. Finally, someone has been sly enough to drag me to a monster truck show. Darn you, Sexy Nerd!

Warning, ladies. Monster Jam tours the country. They were just here in Albuquerque a few months ago and will be back again soon. Monster Jam may very well be coming to your town next. Don't get suckered into going like a certain blogger you know. If you hear a commercial that starts with "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" you need to spring into action and change the channel, pronto.

Monster Jam

What's more exciting than a bunch of elephant-dwarfing, room-shakingly loud trucks racing each other? Oh, just a little thing called the Tingley Colosseum concessions stands.

Zinas Blue Corn Cafe Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM

Frybread and Navajo tacos in hand, it was time for the monster trucks:

monster trucks at albuquerque monster jam

The Destroyer
Monster Jam: The Destroyer

ABQ Monster Jam review
Although the trucks weren't exactly my thing, I did love that Sexy Nerd had such a fun time.

Monster Jam: Blue Thunder

Monster Jam: Monster Mutt

Really, even if you hate monster trucks, it's hard to resist one with floppy ears and a tongue that actually moves.

Monster Jam Albuquerque
Don't let the smile fool you. Be assured this was strictly an act for Sexy Nerd.

Monster Jam: Grave Digger
(The apparent favorite of the Albuquerque fans, who lost their minds when this one came out)

Monster Jam: McGruff
(Now this is more my kind of monster truck. Let's take a bite out of crime!)

This guy was sitting in front of me and cracked me up! Monster Jam is a lot like professional wrestling. All of the comments and race results were scripted and fake. I mean really, really fake, complete with anti-New Mexico smack talk to work up the audience. But this poor fellow thought everything was real. When it looked like the California driver was going to win the final quad race, I thought he was going to lose it.

To his credit, he'd had 4 beers by the time I decided to blog about him.

Monster Jam: El Toro Loco

Wooooo! Go McGruff!

Weird floating head guy
Alright, maybe I did get a little into Monster Jam. I loved spending time with Sexy Nerd. It's great to get some good photos of just the two of us.

Well, practically just us.

Just ignore Weird Floating Head Guy.

The fan favorite, Grave Digger, remained on the floor after the show, instead of driving out of the colosseum like all the other trucks.

Grave Digger couldn't drive away.

Grave Digger was broken.

But, really, who am I to laugh at their misfortune? We returned to the parking lot to go home. 

We should not have laughed.


Thank goodness Sexy Nerd knows about cars. I was trying to map out a safe walking route home in my mind. If you've ever been to Albuquerque, you'll know such a route does not exist from the fairgrounds.

Overall, I'd say Monster Jam was a fun thing to do once but I have no intention of attending another any time soon. Sexy Nerd went a few months ago and said the script was more or less exactly the same as before. 

The kids in the crowd all seemed to enjoy it. And wow, the cost can get out of control quickly if you bring a kid! These Monster Jam guys know how to market their souvenirs!

I did have one big complaint though:

Seriously, isn't the whole point of a monster truck show the car smashing? Has The Simpsons lied to me?

And where was Truckasaurus??

Fun facts for you folks who don't watch enough TV: The Simpson family is inside that crumpled car. Truckasaurus breathes fire, much to their dismay.


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