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Not "Baaad" Blog Hop and Best in Show Winner

Congratulations to the fabulous blogger who charmed the socks off of LambAround readers to claim the most votes for the Best in Show award!
Way to go, Mika's Pantry! I made your Chinese Spaghetti with Spicy Meat Sauce for dinner the other night and it was scrumptious. I hope everyone will visit your blog, where they'll find yummy recipes like:

Roast Beef and Gravy, which is made in the Crock Pot and contains very bad ingredients (that make this completely good!)

Rainbow Sugar Cookies - how gorgeous are these?!

Now, get ready to link up with another Not "Baaad" (get it?) Sunday Linky Party! I know what you're thinking. There are already a zillion blog hops out there, Lamb! What makes yours so special? I'll tell you what makes mine special. 3 things!

1. This Linky is open to all posts that you are proud of. Did you recently post about a great decorating project, craft, or recipe? That's wonderful if you did, but just fine if you didn't.

2. Do you ever find yourself trying not to duplicate posts on blog hops but aren't quite sure what you posted the previous weeks? Problem solved! The Linky from today will return one day, making it easy to see what you've already posted (and giving you a 2nd chance to visit any great posts you may have missed!)

3. I'll be announcing the nominees for the Best in Show Award in a few days. That's right. In addition to linking up your best posts, you're competing with your fellow bloggers in a battle to the death*!

*Battle may not actually be to the death, depending on who participates.

Doesn't this sound like fun? Of course, I do ask that you link directly to your post and include a photo from that post, not just your blog logo. And it would be super if you could post my Not "Baaad" Sundays button or at least a link with your post!
Isn't it pretty?

Oooh, I almost forgot the most important thing of all. DON'T BE A PARTY POOPER! Please get out there and mingle with at least 2 other linked bloggers! Let them know that you found them through LambAround (please, please, PLEASE!) Yes, I will know if you skip this and, yes, I will most certainly hold a grudge against you!


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