Thrifty Cloche Decorating for Valentine's Day

Have I ever told you that Sexy Nerd is a beer brewing enthusiast? He's taken over most of the garage and has even cut into the wall to gain access to the empty space underneath the stairs, all in the name of expanding "Kitchen Pig Brewery". I'm hoping that if we have a baby soon, it will delay or even cease his progression into kegging. Oh yes! Kegging, right here in my very own home, complete with a built in tap to dispense the brew straight into the kitchen. *Lucky Girl!*

Fancy beer glasses seemed like a smart gift choice for him. However, I hate wrapping gifts. Even if I loved it, (nope!) how the heck do you beautifully wrap 8 beer glasses?

I had a better idea:


I think the gift bag and the Sunday comics emphasize my gift wrapping point pretty well!