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Camp Blogaway - Yes or No?

Something finally came along and kicked my cooking and my blogging laziness out of the way - Camp Blogaway! Yes, I have almost officially decided to go. "Almost" because my feet are still somewhat cold (isn't social anxiety just such a blast?) and "almost" because I haven't officially registered yet. Getting to LAX from Albuquerque is expensive, and getting to the recommended airport, Ontario, is even pricier! And, keeping in tune with the typical 'screw you' nature of the airline industry, airfare for my trip jumped from $200 to $320 overnight! Lovely.

From the Camp Blogaway site:

Take a Refreshing Hike, use Free Time to meet-up under peaceful pines, chat by the Roaring Fireplace, stay up late with peers in our Mountain Lodge, socialize with newfound friends during Wente Vineyards Wine Tastings, and more.

*So Fun!*

 Our first evening together, every attendee is introduced to the full group. The goal: no missed meetups at Camp! 

*So Very Scary!!*

I keep thinking about this camp. At work, trying to sleep, driving - I can't get Camp Blogaway off my mind! I want to go. The time and the cost are no problem whatsoever. I'm not a big-shot food blogger, but I'd like to expand the Lamb Cooks portion of my blog, so this seems like an ideal step in the right direction. The big problem is me. As mentioned in my jury duty post (you know, the proud moment where I broke down crying hysterically in front of a room full of strangers?) I have a problem with social situations. Throw in the flying and renting a car on my own thing (first time) and it seems like a recipe for disaster. I won't know anyone at the camp and, based on the bloggers who are already signed up, I'd be one of the least experienced and youngest bloggers there.

Still...wouldn't it be fun? I used to love Girl Scout camp. I didn't know anyone but always had a great time. I picture this being kind of like Girl Scout camp for bloggers. Bloggers are my kind of people! Really, have you ever met a mean blogger? Part of me feels like I need to do this for my own personal growth. Soon (well, maybe soon) Sexy Nerd and I will be parents and it will be a lot more difficult to get away for things like this. It would be healthy for me to embrace an activity that's outside my comfort zone. I need to get out there and be social!

Social?! Just writing the word makes it hard to breathe. I'm so excited and so terrified all at once!


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