Lamb Cooks and the Best in Show Award

Before I announce the winner of this week's Best in Show Award, I'd like to point out a snazzy new feature to LambAround. Well, two snazzy features, if you count my new layout (you did notice my fabulous new layout, right?) My recipes now have their very own dedicated blog! Click the Lamb Cooks button above to visit (*ahem*, this button layout is also new and it took me just about forever to figure out.)

Now, on to the award!

Thanks so much to everyone who took time to vote for the Best in Show Award last week! It was a close race, but one blogger ultimately came out on top. Congratulations, Nikki at The Best Part of Believe!  I really like your Earth Week Event 2011 tab, which features some great "green" ideas. I'm hoping my LambAround readers will visit and congratulate you. I'm sure they'll enjoys posts like:

 Nails on a Budget. What a handy tutorial!

(We're kinda big on Fry Bread here in New Mexico!)

Enjoy your day in the sunshine, Nikki! Here is your Best in Show Award:


  1. Thank you Thank you!! This is awesome!! I am totally excited I never win anything.... I'd like to thank the Academy of LambAround, My mother who is my artsy inspiration, my best friend who puts up with my blogging and crazy crafting ideas and all of blog land! Thank you!
    ~ Nikki


  2. congratulations to the winner, that's awesome!

  3. You are so fancy with all your re-designs! I just figured out how to get on Twitter. Sigh.


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