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Oh My Goodness! I Finally Did It!

I've been putting this off since I first posted about it, continually waffling back and forth about whether or not I should attend Camp Blogaway. I finally just sat down and signed up. Oh my goodness. Did I really just sign up for camp? Am I really going to fly to California on my own? Am I really going to camp with a group of people I've never met before? Really??

I'm too excited to sleep! Excited and a bit terrified. There's so much to do! Blog camp is all about networking, right? I figure I should have some LambAround business cards made up. That alone seems so boring though. What else can I do?

Airfare! I need to book my airfare! Geez, what have I gotten myself into? My palms are actually sweaty right now. This is going to be fun. Right?

Alrighty, I'd better quit rambling and wrap this up (and perhaps go take an Ambien). One of my bloggy pet peeves is posts without photos, so here is a post from last week that received only one (ONE!) comment. It's a food-related one, perfectly appropriate for my official announcement that I will (OMG!) be attending Camp Blogaway:
Las Vegas Dining Guide - Buffet of Buffets Pass

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to be sharing photos today that, frankly, I'd forgotten about posting. How did I forget to post almost all of our trip to Las Vegas? I posted that we went to Tucson and Vegas was right after that, but somehow I moved on without posting the end of our trip.

I suspect laziness was a main factor.

Let's begin with the highlight of our trip - the food! We booked a package through the Imperial Palace (a fine place to stay if you're thrifty, just don't step onto the carpet without your socks and don't forget to pack pajamas!) which included two Buffet of Buffets passes. That's right - 24 hours of nonstop Vegas buffets! My goal was to eat at all 7 that were included with the pass, but unfortunately, due mostly to line lengths and not having a rental car, we only managed to cram in 4. Clearly, we'll have to go back and try again!

My scrumptious sundae from the Bally's buffet. My friend Marie recently ate at the same buffet and didn't really care for it, but the extensive sundae bar made it one of my favorites. We actually hit this one up twice, once for dinner and another time for breakfast.

Really, how could anyone not like this? Those are caramelized bananas! *drool*

 Desserts from the Caesar's Palace buffet. Sadly, they only looked yummy. Of all the buffets we visited, the Lago buffet in Caesar's Palace is the one I wish we'd skipped. The food was mediocre and the service was appalling! We waited in line over an hour. Oh, they must just have been so popular and delicious that of course there was a wait, right? Wrong! We were shocked by all the empty tables when we entered and throughout the hour we were there. It seemed that whoever was in charge that day simply didn't feel like working very hard. Why else would you keep the restaurant only half full with an hour wait?

 When we were leaving, Sexy Nerd said I should take his photo by the sign, as a reminder of which buffet he was happy to be leaving. All those people? They're probably still waiting in line as I write this.

Next, we hit the Spice Market buffet, inside the Planet Hollywood casino. No line! No photos either. Sadly, I didn't think to take any until we were leaving. Eating at 3 buffets within 4 hours must do something kooky to your brain.

Wanting to get the most bang for our buck, (can you still say this when your passes are free with your hotel stay?) I insisted we swing by the Emperor's Buffet at Imperial Palace. I hadn't read great reviews of it, but the line was right (as in, no line whatsoever). Sexy Nerd didn't want to go. He said he was full and that he would just watch me eat. Fine by me. At our table, he said he was so stuffed that I was crazy to even think about eating any more and then he got up to find a drink.

He returned with this:

which, I might add, he finished.

Clearly, Sexy Nerd was delirious from everything he had eaten.


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