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Because You Can Make a Million Things with Pasta

Ronzoni pasta is on sale for only 49 cents a box at Smith's until Wednesday. 49 CENTS! Add in coupons and you can even get the pasta for free!

I embarrassed Sexy Nerd by piling 20 boxes into our cart. The cashier agreed with me that it was quite a deal. Sexy Nerd says she had to agree, as she was in charge of selling the product and was secretly thinking that I was a sucker, but I'm confident that she had also taken the opportunity to stock up.

Not really that many.

These are stacked 3 deep against the pantry wall.

I had been shooshed out of the pasta aisle by Sexy Nerd. That night, I couldn't get the Ronzoni pasta deal out of my head. 49 cents! On my way to work the next day, I stopped by Smith's again.

Junk in the trunk.

Just a few more boxes?

Another twenty boxes! To be fair, if we eat a box a week, this won't even last a year.

Hmmmm...I wonder if I should go back for more...
I got home before Sexy Nerd and decided to put the additional Ronzoni pasta neatly away.
Then I thought better of it. Much more fun for him to walk through the door and see this:

I know the whole grain is tasty, but I've never tried the Garden Delight. I certainly hope it's good! In a cruel, ironic twist of fate, I discovered before making dinner that we are completely out of spaghetti sauce.