Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day

Preparing dinner the other night, Sexy Nerd told me he'd heard about a group of people who aren't quite vegetarians, but they only eat meat in moderation. To me, this is known as a healthy diet. He continued, trying to think of what these people are called. He remembered.

"They're called transformitarians."

That quesadilla is mostly veggies and cheese, but it also contains a little bacon. Sexy Nerd must be a transformitarian.


  1. bahaahha!! that is funny stuff. or sometimeitarian? lol

  2. hehe crazies!
    Definitely not healthy though in my book!
    Gotta go all the way for sure.
    Vegan! :P

  3. I'm sorry, I was distracted by your granite countertops and foreman grill. Sigh. *Dream kitchen*

    Anyway, if that is the true term, that is awesome and I require more research on the topic so I can spread it around like it's a totally normal thing.

  4. Make that a granite TILE countertop, Stephanie ;)


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