Best in Show Winner

Welcome, everyone, to another exciting conclusion to the week's voting for the Best in Show award! Drumroll, please...

...drum, drum, drum, drum...

(Yes, I have been playing Mario Party. Why do you ask?)

Hooray! Way to go, Little Rays of Sunshine! Your new blog has only been up and running since February and you're already scooping up all the fun awards of the blogosphere (and you're already up to an impressive 106 followers - hopefully more after this posts!)

So, my lovable and lovely LambAround readers, are you into blogs featuring super-cute babies (I know you are!) Feast your eyes on this:
Emma Grace - cutie patootie!

What a super photo! For more on this ups and downs (mostly ups!) of this sweet family, click here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Not "Baaad" Sundays linky party. The next round of Best in Show award nominees will be announced soon!

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